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The Town of Clymer, New York is a small community in far Western New York.  Primarily a farming community, Clymer also boasts a vibrant small business culture and a variety of activities for young and old.  Tourists come to Clymer to shop, eat and enjoy the outdoors.  We host a biennial Tulip Festival in May with vendors from throughout the region, food, shopping, petting zoos and a town wide parade.  Click Here to learn more about Town Events.


Established in 1821, Clymer is home to approximately 1,600 residents and near many local attractions including world class snowmobiling, downhill skiing and recreational water sports.  Clymer is also a preferred destination for hunting during the fall.  Click Here to learn more about Town History.

Clymer offers a range of government services including a Town Board, Town Clerk, Zoning Services, and Garbage Collection.  

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