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Water Services


Water/Sewer Bills are prepared and mailed out by the Town Clerk in November and May


SCHEDULE OF RATES (effective 2023)


Consumption Charge                     0-40,000 Gallons                                               $5.75 / 1,000 Gallons

                                                                40,001 and more gallons                               $3.30 / 1,000 Gallons

           Bulk Rate                                      $15.00 / 1,000 gallons

Minimum Charge                                     $75.00 per bill

Late Fee           10% Penalty – minimum of $20

Disconnection Charge                                                                                                   $50.00

Reconnection Charge                                                                                                    $50.00

Service Connection Charges

All new service customers will be billed for materials at cost +10%. If the customer would like the District to supply materials for their portion of the installation (curb box to the house), those will also be billed at cost +10%.

Estimated New Service Cost (3/4” Line):

Tapping Fee                                                         $ 120.00

Tapping Saddle                                                   $ 150.00

Meter                                                                    $ 150.00

Curb Stop Valve                                                  $  80.00

Curb Box                                                              $  60.00

Copper from Main to Valve                                $ 300.00

Digging Fee ($2 / ft * 100 ft)                              $ 200.00

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST                                   $ 1,060.00


Road Push (Where main is on opposite side of residence)            ¾” -- $ 800.00

                                                                                                                1” -- $ 1,200.00

                Any Road Push for County or State Roads, add $200.00 additional cost 

Additional costs for digging, copper from house to curb, valve inside home, tie-in’s, etc are homeowners responsibilities.


Provision for Taxes

Each water customer is charged a tax that is reflected in the County Tax Bill.  Charges are as follows:

Price per unit = $14.00  - Each parcel of land = 1 Unit ($14.00) - Each House = $20 - Each Commercial Customer = $50

Updated 10/2022


Water bill payments are collected at the Town Clerk's Office during normal business hours.

Or can be mailed to:  Clymer Town Clerk

                                     8868 West Main ST

                                     Clymer, NY 14724



Pay by date due to avoid any penalty fees.


Water Quality:

Contact the Town Clerk or Highway Supt. for any of the following:

  • Notify the Town Clerk immediately of any changes in ownership or mailing address

  • Possible break in water/sewer line

  • Leak in meter or meter stopped working

  • Questions regarding bill

  • Change in ownership of property

  • The Town does not read water meters for tenants moving in or out. That is the responsibility of the property owner



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