All Property taxes (shown below) for the the Town of Clymer are are combined into one tax bill, which is mailed out approximately the first week in January of each year:

  • County of Chautauqua

  • Community Colleges

  • Chargebacks

  • Medicaid

  • Town of Clymer

  • Town of Clymer Fire District

  • Town of Clymer Street Light District

  • Town of Clymer Water District

2017 Tax Roll

2018 Tax Roll

2019 Tax Roll

2020 Tax Roll


TOWN OF CLYMER Tax Collection Information UPDATED JANUARY 10, 2021:

From January 6, 2021 thru April 1, 2021 property tax payments may be mailed to address below.

Make checks payable to:


Town of Clymer
Willowe F. Neckers, Tax Collector
8653 E. Main St.
Clymer NY 14724

Due to Covid-19, there will be NO IN PERSON COLLECTIONS.


For your convenience, you may deposit payment with your bill stub in a locked drop box located on my
back porch any time.

Please pay attention to this important Information:

  •  If paying in cash, it must be exact amount.

  •  If you request a tax receipt, a stamped, self-addressed envelope is required. No stamped, self-addressed  envelope means no receipt will be mailed back to you.

  •  Tax payments are accepted as of the U.S. Mail Postmark Date (Section 925 of the Real Property Tax Law).


IMPORTANT DATES: The penalties are as follows:


Thru February 4, 2021 penalty free
February 5 thru February 28, 2021 1.00% on original bill
March 1 thru April 1, 2021 - 2.00% on original
After April 1, 2021, taxes must be paid to the Chautauqua County Tax Department, 3 North Erie St., Mayville, NY 14757, with a 5% penalty and interest at the rate of 1.00% per month from February 5th, such interest to be computed on the total amount of tax plus penalty.

Questions please call Willowe Neckers @ 716-355-6345.